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Southern Engineering Coporation installed successfully an electric pole mold plant with capacity of large in Cambodia.

Following the success, confirming its position as the equipment manufacturers and technology transfer centrifugal concrete factory biggest in Vietnam with the core objective "Improving product range Vietnam"
On February, 20th 2014, Southern Engineering Coporation provides, equipment installation, technology transfer success the electric pole mold plant with capacity of large Pnompenh Precast plants in Cambodia.
Here are some related images:

Batching plant

Concrete distribution system

Pouring concrete machine.

Caging machine.

Crane 10 ton and Robot TX - TF

Turning machine

Vacuum lift.

Spinning machine.

Electric pole mould

Boiler 2 ton/h

Automatical steam feeding system

Gantry Crane 20 ton.

Installing Team

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