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With main objiective is vouch for technology and procducts quatily for customer. We commit satisfy your request with reasonable price for products.




1. Ability of personnel (Man).


Owning a line – up experienced engineers and skilled workers in designing, installing, suppyling equipments and manage to attain highest result of prestressed precast concrete member factories follow standard :

  • PCI (Prestressed Concrete Institution).
  • ACI (American Concrete Institution).
  • JIS A5335, JIS A5373... (Japanese Institution Standard).
  • TCVN 5847 - 94 (standard of Viet Nam), TCXD 205-98, TCXD 189-96.

Total of labour: 120 persons, include:

  • Speciality Cadres :29 persons, include:
  • Experienced Cadres ≥ 20 years: 06 persons
  • Experienced Cadres ≥ 10 years: 05 persons.
  • Experienced Cadres ≥ 05 years: 03 persons
  • Experienced Cadres from 02 to 05 years: 15 persons
  • Experienced workers: # 90 persons
  • Skilled workers from 03 to 05 years: 60 persons

Define “Human resource is assect of company”. We ‘re frequently open training for personnel, such as

  • Position from group leader to up has create to outside: Institute PACE, Institute of Business, Kinh Te University…Special, position in board of directors has updated management knowledge from Europe, USA, Japan… through training short time.

  • Line – up direct worker has training continuous from School (average 02 sesstion/year, about 10 trainees in sesstion). 


Graduation ceremony.

  • Internal training has frequently open follow the standar of ISO 9001-2000 system for help personnel can be understand their jobs

2. Abitily of equipments (machine).

With a large and powerful machine, we commit that supplying equipment quickly sprecast concrete member production follow the contract.

  • Lathe mould machine: 4 pcs
  • Lathe beb long about 3m: 2 pcs
  • Crane system: 10 systems
  • Robot shaped cutting: 4
  • Lathe machine in the middle of the mould
  • Handing end plate system: 2 systems
  • Line – up manufacture centrifulgal mould: 3
  • Line – up manufacture centrifulgal spun pile: 3
  • Produce ò location: 02 factories

+ The first factory: 4.000 m2
+ The second factory: 12.000 m2

3. Abitily of finance (Money).

  • Charter capital: 20.000000000 VND (twenty billion VND).
  • Investment capital: VND (fifty billion VND).

The Support of financial institution such as: Vietcombank, Nam A Bank, we commit that supplying rich in source of financing for execute the projects follow the construction progress.

4. Abitily of Controller (Management).

  • Abide and execute fully all request follow the quality administration ISO 9001. System has assessed and examined by organize outside frequently 06 month of once.
  • Chairman: Mr Tran Anh Trong Ni has many experiences in area administration of product in our company. And now, he is Training director Technology of Southern concrete business association, In this area, he had been controlling highest factory.
  • In addition, We have full of abitily: designing, construct all factory follow the B&T (Building & Transferring).

5. Ability of suppliers (Material).

With purpose: “The best of quality, reasonable price” when the products come to hand of customer. We’re frequently stand the test suppliers assess through ISO 9001 system for source of material is the best and stable.

Suppliers: SMC company, Tan Dai Minh Company, Cao Duy Steel, Hoa Son Company, KI\im Tin filler wire…

In addition, we joint operating ageerment with suppliers: Whasan Engineering Co.,Ltd (Korea), Southern Metal Co.,Ltd (Hong Kong), FITOP, KHTC, BANDO… supplying: balance, cart, crane and equipments has higher quality for satisfy many high request of customer.