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End Year festival 2011

in the joyful air of the warm spring new, every personal, every business or organization were looking back on the past together and went towards the next success! And a party at end year is indispensable for leading Southern Engineering Corp and staffs to creat a merry making get together and summarize what has been achieved in a year of operation, and also for people to have a cozy dinner in farewell old year, welcome the new year. At 17:00 on 07/01/2012, leaders, guests and all staffs Southern Engineering Corp came together to enjoy a lavish feast truth and meaning. At the ceremony festival, throughtout company came together at the glorious years, the mark of maturity important. To get today, it is the efforts tirelessly, for the common object of the leadership and employees and the cooperation, hand in hand, to help of partner , customers in the past End Year Festival’s Southern Engineering Corp, simple words,it have become a "habit" beauty company in many years since establishment from now. The end year is spend the time a team who make Southern Engineering Corp looking back difficulties and successes of previous years. This is an opportunity to "great family" Southern Engineering Corp closer together than. End year Festival of 2011 has ended successfully, we would like to send all guests and employees of SEC a good heatth, all things that your like will come to you, everything to your liking and prosperity

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