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Coference “ The Maverl of teamwork” 5th

Coference “ The Maverl of teamwork” 5th Through four chapters of book “The Maverl of teamwork”, Members of Southern Engineering gradually understand theory about teamwork through srory of Alan a person has to left company that he had worked hard and has many accomplishments “personal” unitl he got fired but he did’nt understand why he was fired and he came to Riverbend hockey team. Through activity in this team, he gradually solve of hitch and understand why he got fired By chapter 5th, Alan continued journey to learn more about teamwork and find the ways to make it through character Mrs Weatherby, Consequently, members of Southern Engineering Corporation gradually slove of question such as: Why are we build teamwork? What is teamwork gives each member and organization? Because “ a collective allways hidden in it magic”, “it help us to do much exceed our ability”, “None of us can be more lucid than we all” So how to build it? Member participation discuss together and gives opinions such as: • One of collective must be acutely aware about the importance of collective. • We have to define a goal common that all member can see relation, in which “ one rope invisibility link between all member in collective” • All member have to share and feel all the sharing from other members. • One of members must be " just forget personal interests, personal goals or even a little proud” to put the position of collective on the first • Have to build a faith system (essence of company value) unshakeable and link members, transmit to each member. Make it become a really faith for collective of Southern Engineering Corporation The next chapter, We will continue discuss to find method for building “Teamwork for collective of Southern Engineering Corporation”

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