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Answers letter of Mr Do Van Cuong – Director of Ha Nam Precast Concrete Company

Mr Do Van Cuong – Director of Ha Nam Precast Concrete Company Question: Currently in technology our centrifugal concrete spun pole production line imports from China. After consultation with some of centrifugal concrete spun pole production lines of SEC were installed in the North – Viet Nam, we found our production lines obsolete. We want to adjust the production line from the vertical line to the horizontal line as SEC design company, is not it? How much cost for this project? How much efficiency production of my factory increase? Answer Mr Do Van Cuong: Southern Engineering Corp thanks sincerely were interested in our products, we are pleased to answer you: To produce a concrete product of high quality, cost savings is the most important decision to yield 80% of efficiency production line technology. In addition good materials, the skill of workers, machinery systems, the production line technology decision is up to 70% product quality. With the issue of your company, we fully carry out adjustment and relocation of all production lines for reasonable and not necessarily invest or replace equipment more. With over 20 years experience in the production of precast concrete member, with the process of transfer technology partners in Korea, SEC understand the problems usually occur during the precast concrete production, so that we have set up research and production lines with horizontal system equipment factory in strict accordance with the manufacturer, saving time operation of production equipment support and special saving manpower manufacturing operations, helping investors save up to 30% of labor cost and manufacturing products with high quality and reasonable price to meet the increasing requirements of the market. Strong point of factory equipment horizontal lines: • System device is designed for each stage of the production process from beginning to end so that we avoid duplication and overlapping of work, saving costs and time used manufacturing equipment support, especially lifting equipment, increase efficiency for direct manufacturing equipment • Machinery and equipment are arranged scientifically, in accordance with the needs of each stage, so saving surface area. • Machinery division is clear and stable, full-time labor working for assigned areas will be ensure safety, transportation restrictions interfere with other processes and continuous operation of device, increasing device yield for each stage. • The arrangement of successive stages which saving labor by limiting redundant operations and limiting movement to another unnecessary of labor, helps investors using qualified personnel appropriate positions, saving salary costs. The cost of rehabilitation equipment lines depends on the quantity and quality of your existing equipment companies to meet productivity demands increased after improvement or not. And need to invest some devices highly automated. For existing equipment systems of your company, the improvement costs for two hundred million to complete the line, and after the improvement of the capacity factory will increase to 150% compared to the present. Thank you and look forward to working with you Sales Representative Vu Thi Phuong Thuy (Mrs)

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